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From the moment you arrive at The Manor at Puerto Galera you can sense that it is one of those team building venues with a purpose: it is itself a visible manifestation of success. As a corporate retreat the grand edifice of the Mansion at the center of The Manor, with its famed Presidential Suite, provides explicit motivation for those seeking loftier goals to believe in achievable rewards.

The Manor accommodations and facilities are ideal for group dynamics, tasks & games and social bonding activities. Diverse meetings areas for strategic planning and tactical group discussion. Large open areas perfect for projects and assignments enabling you to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats from without, and from within. With everyone coming together each day for a collective dining experience where the most fertile of concepts can be harvested, fermented ideas decanted and the leanest theories meated for future implementation.

At The Manor you can play with the rules of divide & conquer or unite & prevail, depending on the objective. It's your choice. The Manor simply empowers your team building program towards the ultimate goal - success.

Biking Team building in Puerto Galera

Whether you include conditional logic branches, nudibranches, trekking or biking, The Manor gives team building philosophies, task achievement & organizational development the space to take root, be fertilized and bloom for the benefit of the collective.

The Manor at Puerto Galera is at the heart of personal and team development activities, but there is much more . . . here are some of the team building activities unique to Puerto Galera:

Personal Development

  • shooting at the Puerto Galera Range Club
  • golf at the Ponderosa Golf Club

Buddy & Small Team Development

  • scuba diving with Aardvark Divers
  • dinghy sailing at the Puerto Galera Yacht Club
  • team mountain biking with Big Apple Eco Sports

Group Development

  • rainforest trekking & orienteering
  • sailing & navigation with Banka Safaris
  • seabed mapping with environmental groups

The Manor at Puerto Galera is the best team building venue to accommodate and motivate your team to excellence. Make the positive decision today and make The Manor your next team building venue.

To contact The Manor at Puerto Galera call: +63 926 937-7908 or +63 949 768-1504 or
visit our contact page for other options

The best team building venue south of Makati!

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