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Award Winning Fellini Italian Restaurant

The Fellini Ristorante Italiano is the premier Italian restaurant in Puerto Galera. Set amid a rain forest backdrop and the grand gardens of The Manor at Puerto Galera, Fellini Ristorante Italiano delivers a dining experience that is as fulfilling as the award winning Italian home recipes offered. Whether for a breakfast unbound of time constraints, a discreet business luncheon or a romantic dinner away from the crowds, Fellini Ristorante Italiano will always be your first choice in Puerto Galera.

For reservations at Fellini Ristorante Italiano call: 0945 269-6782 or 0999 765-1658

The Chef's Secret

“There are many recipes for Italian dishes. At Fellini our dishes are joint recipes of my Mother and my Father”

Breakfasts At Fellini

breakfast at FelliniWhen you awake to the sound of forest birds and the soft sunlight fills the garden with color, the time is right for a breakfast that could last all morning at Fellini.

Simple classic breakfast dishes with the Italian passion for freshness of ingredients will ensure your morning starts the way that Nature intended. Whether American, Filipino or Continental in design, your breakfast will be enriched by Mother Nature's surrounding embrace at Fellini.

The freshest fruit that is seasonally available is the alternative that inspires the body to health and happiness for your day of exploration beyond the realm of The Manor at Puerto Galera.

Pizzas To Live For

classic Italian pizzaOur pizzas are thin, and all made with genuine mozzarella cheese. Pick it up in your hands to eat it. Not only does this make it easier to handle, it adds to the flavor.

If you do not know the spices being served at your table, your waitress will happily explain them to you. Feel free to go to the kitchen and make you wishes known to the staff. All of us are here to help you enjoy your pizza to the fullest extent.

Order pizza as you like it even if it is not on the menu, we will do our best to make it that way if we have the necessary ingredients available.

Classic Italian Pastas

classic Italian pastaFrom a simple vegetarian Pomodoro, with basil and fresh tomato, to the creamy delight of Alla Carbonara, with eggs, bacon and topped with pecorino romano cheese. All our spaghetti are served al dente, or softer if you like it.

If you prefer penne or bucatini pasta then you will fall in love with our vegetarian All'Arrabbiata and our All'Amatriciana - an infusion of pork, tomato and pecorino romano cheese, with a sprinkle of chili

Steaks, Racks And Ribs

Italian steaksThe World's finest Italian restaurants serve steaks and Fellini is a master at adding that extra zest of Italian culinary ingenuity. A classic, succulent Tenderloin or Rib-eye, or perhaps a hearty T-Bone, cooked to your liking, will sustain you through the day or prepare you for a deliciously romantic night. If there is a piece of cowboy in your heart and your partner feels it too then share our flavorful Tomahawk steak.

Unique in the Philippines is Fellini's Italian perspective on a Rack of Lamb and BBQ Ribs. Marinated long so that the succulent, spiced meat simply falls from the bones.

Eventually you will want to try them all but for now simply choose the one that sounds just right. At Fellini Ristorante Italiano there is always a reason to return.

Seafood Italian

classic Italian prawnsEveryone knows that the Italian diet is especially healthy because it is contains copious quantities of fresh seafood so, especially for Pescatarians and Seafood Lovers, Fellini Ristorante Italiano serves the best fish and seafood caught daily in the bountiful waters of the Verde Island Passage.

Steamed, grilled or sauteed, with vegetables, herbs and spices, an abundance of Philippine pelagics are served for your dining pleasure, at lunch and dinner, so that you too may imbibe the healthy lifestyle born of a Mediterranean heritage.

Coffees, Drinks And Deserts

Coffee should never be instant and Fellini is proud to offer the World's finest coffee, served unadulterated or mixed with milk, cream and spices of your choice. Long, fresh fruit juices in season are served to cleanse the palate or to stimulate the mind.

And no dining experience would be complete without a desert featuring the work of our own pastry chefs.

For supplement, Fellini offers a selection of Italian wines, plus Philippine original and imported spirits.

Italian Restaurant Opening Hours

  • Breakfast: 7am-10am
  • Lunch: 11am-2pm
  • Dinner: 5pm-10pm

If you are not staying at The Manor at Puerto Galera then reservations are highly recommended at Fellini Ristorante Italiano, call: 0945 269-6782 or 0999 765-1658

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